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This page is a translated version of the page Limbo Wiki:入门指南 and the translation is 100% complete.
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Limbo Wiki is the product of Limbo's observation for Pixel Tower, which aims to record all of the stories that happened there. Please do remember well, you can use every browser to visit our Wiki, but all of your edit behaviors will be recorded in the PhigrOS backup data base.

  • First of all, make sure you have read these pages: Pixel Tower, history, Whims and Limbo.Pixel Tower is the place where this story takes place; History recorded major events from 71.B.P to 773.A.P, and it can help you understand the general background of the times; Whims is the characteristic of pixel tower, which is behind almost all stories different from the real world; The origin of Limbo is explained in the entry Limbo.
  • Please comprehend the introduction to Puzzle DepositoryBroken Data Research Group and other categories. Realize that except for the pages with Official or Limbo Wiki or Protection templates, all other pages are secondary setting works.
  • Comprehend Limbo RealityPrewhimifyVanishDoorplate and other Technology of Pixel Tower pages.
  • Then please read the pages in the template below,from LEFT to RIGHT, from UP to DOWN.
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Pixel Tower
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Read here, you should be able to understand——Due to the continuous expansion of the Mazarino's End,the Pixel Tower is in a desperate situation of collapse. Therefore, our wiki will only record the stories that have happened in more than 800 years.

  • If you're here to learn more about the Rhythm game"Phigros" , please go back to the home page and read the form of Project Phigros. If you encounter a noun you don't understand when reading the plot, directly enter the search bar to find it! If the search result is empty, please put it forward on Talk: The edit suggestion for Limbo Wiki. The management group will create new pages or supplementary instructions as soon as possible, and leave a message on your User talk page after completion.
  • About contents that appears on the page involving Phigros, if there is something inconsistent with, please refer to the pages under the official classification.

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Phigros Prequel·The Nine-color deer Kuanphough 2019/10/21 novel bilibili (Unfinished)。1·2·3
LimboWiki-Protected pages Pages Editor (None) Wiki Limbo Wiki Relevant rules are detailed in Limbo Wiki:about
AwakeJournal Limbo Wiki 2022/06/20 Electronic press bilibili Collection
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BDRG Select Collection

To collect broken data, To create complete ideology.

BDRG, whose full name is Broken Data Research Group. It is an organization defined as a "criminal organization".
But this is not necessarily the case. In our wiki, it is also synonymous with secondary setting.

  • If you want to write secondary setting under our world view, please remember:
    secondary setting is based on original setting, don't write in the song personifies people or anything.
    The content you write is prohibited from official figures' excessive participation, because it assumes the nature of official figures, it is easy to misunderstand visitors.
  • The format is very free, as long as it is excellent. Don't write too outrageous or nonsense.
  • You can add BDRG tags and BDRG numbers in your story. See here for the rules of BDRG tag and see here for the rules of BDRG number.
  • Pixel tower is a science fiction worldview. Although it is very dreamy, it still follows some certain truth.Before writing, please think about whether your entries are suitable for the pixel tower world view.
  • Due to the particularity of the sub space, you can write any setting of reasonable in the sub space, but you can't bring the setting to the tiers of Pixel Tower completely.
  • For detailed regulations on the compilation of secondary setting, please see here.

Selected BDRG articles in this issue: