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出身 角色 简介
??? KALPA 宇宙的救援者,从黑暗中苏醒的演奏家。
昴星团 美露(MERO) 匠人。
昴星团 阿斯忒(ASTE) 收藏家。
??? 樱鸟(SAKURA BIRD) 意味不明的园丁们。


星座 守护者 简介
白羊座 吕卡(LUKA) 运用先祖智慧的智者,似乎是拉娜的粉丝。
金牛座 阿尔忒妮(ARCYONE) 伟大的女王陛下,因为某种原因,非常讨厌艾丽斯。
处女座 艾丽斯(IRIS) 农业工作者,做的饭不好吃(据鸠某人提供)。
天秤座 利贝拉(LIBERA) 最高裁判官
天蝎座 希尔维亚(SYLVIA) 老大
射手座 伊莲(ELAINE) 精灵女王,很友善的大人(据鸠某人提供)。
魔蝎座 琳恩(LYNN) 科学家,似乎是长生者。
水瓶座 拉娜(LANA) 职业玩家兼主播,打游戏很厉害(据鸠某人提供)。
双鱼座 米娅(MIYA) 演唱家,拥有治愈心灵的歌声。


       Yggdrasil, the giant life support neck at the center of the universe, scattered 12 seeds of life from the original universe throughout the universe.
       Twelve seeds eventually grew and became 12 trees of life, bearing fruit, and the fruits became constellations and formed galaxies.
       In each constellation, beings who protect lives and enrich the rhythm of the universe were born.
       They created their own culture in their place and prospered the universe and lives.
       <strong style="color:#FF0000">[BLOCKED]</strong>, the more the universe prospered, the more <strong style="color:#FF0000">[BLOCKED]</strong>increased.
       Was the will of a transcendent existence intervened? Kalpa, a being who tried to <strong style="color:#FF0000">[BLOCKED]</strong> the universe, was born.
       But in the darkening universe, Kalpa fell asleep...
       She was in the pitch darkness. She looked around where nothing seemed to be visible.
       But, a faint light appeared somewhere, so she quickly ran to there. Light was leaking out of a small hole like a jade bead. She looked beyond that hole. There could be seen the beautiful stars and lives she loves. However, something looks like a man took away life and energy in the universe and absorbed everything.
       She tried to play her beautiful melody in order to counter attack about the destruction, but she couldn't make a voice or pick up an instrument to play. The being, as if laughing at her actions, increased the speed of destruction.
       She yelled and opened her eyes. Was it a dream? When she opened her eyes, Mero threw a hammer at the wall and said, actually startled, “Kalpa! Jeez, you were oversleeping! Why suddenly shout? I thought of being deaf!”
       Aste looked at Mero and scolded her, “When the hell would you fix your speech habit!”
       She smiled and relaxed at the usual situation of the two and the fragrant aroma of tea flowing into her nose.