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Welcome to Limbo Wiki!
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About Limbo Wiki

Here is the Pixel Tower's encyclopedia for Limbo. You can read all the pages that belong to this site, and have limited right of editing (which may means being rejected by the monitoring group). If you want to join us as a wiki editor, please read our editor's protocol first, and refer to the editor's protocols of other encyclopedia under the system of Wikipedia or Mediawiki. The spirit of all encyclopedias are mutual integration and interworking, although we are still a nascent wiki organization, all of the encyclopedia editors are worth us learning about.

Please note that if the original setting you want to query is written by Broken Data Research Group, the part you can completely reliable is the content under the Protected Content title.

Our Categories

To preliminarily understand the world outlook of Limbo Wiki, please go to Limbo Wiki:Introduction.
Before creating new pages, read Limbo Wiki:About carefully, as it is the writing requirement for our site.
Help:Editorial Guide and Help:Writing Guide are the format guides which are analyzed by the users of our site, they are also helpful.
All the new pages should confirm their categories:
  • Community discussion, puzzles should incorporated in the category of Puzzle Depository Classification (As defined in Puzzle Depository);
  • About the secondary setting of the original work, please incorporate in Broken Data Research Group Classification (As defined in Broken Data Research Group);
Please classify the original content which is based on the world outlook of Pixel Tower according to the mentioned categories.
If you want to create multiple pages associated with, you can also create a new classification to be used for secondary classification.
If you have problems reading and it can't get the answer by querying keywords, please ask your questions on the page of Talk: The edit suggestion for Limbo Wiki.
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Please check Limbo Wiki:About and MediaWiki:Help Page to gain information about using this Wikipedia!


Everyone is welcome to create literary works on Limbo Wiki's world outlook!